What to Expect for Your Bridal Experience

What to Expect for Your Bridal Experience

Finding your dream wedding gown is a HUGE deal!! So come in and try on dresses to see which silhouette and fabric looks good on you! It is so important to have an appointment, especially if you have pictures of what dress you want and are close to just buying it online. Buying your  “dream dress” online is not recommended because  you’ll receive it and it could look nothing like you imagined it or saw in the picture and you’ll panic because it is only weeks away until your wedding day! Another reason not to buy your gown online is you’ll end up spending more money to either buy a new gown or fix all the mistakes. So, make an appointment to see dresses similar to the ones you have fallen in love with in pictures in person and see what they really look like on you and to ease some stress! Our time is yours and by making an appointment you become our focus for an hour to an hour and half!  Making an appointment is easy, all you have to do is call us, tell us when, and then we are all yours.

There are 6 things to keep in mind for your bridal experience

1) You will be asked what your vision is for your wedding

~Venue ~Wedding colors ~How many bridesmaids ~How formal ~ The theme (vintage, modern, rustic)

If you do not know any of those questions, don’t stress, not everyone is going to know, just have an idea so that we can help you find the perfect gown!

2) Try on different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics

~You may have fallen in love with a picture you saw on the internet and then you actually try it on and it ends up not looking the way you wanted it to. Or you try it on and it is what you wanted! Either way you should always try on different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics because something could look way better on you than the dress in the picture.

3) Bring someone you trust

~ Having someone to share a fun experience with you is always important! It helps you make decisions and eliminate dresses, and it always helps to have another set of eyes to see things that you or your consultant did not see at first. They also tend to be the people who remind you of certain details you need on your wedding gown such as sleeves if your venue requires your shoulders to be covered or a certain color that you insisted on having in the beginning of the appointment.

4) Don’t be afraid to say YES to the dress

~ When you’re about to say yes to the dress don’t ever feel rushed, you have time to breathe and take it all in before you make your decision. If you are hesitating on saying yes, tell your consultant, ask questions! She can help put your mind at ease. Just know we are three to four bridal shops in one so you can compare dress after dress to each other right here at the store to make sure you are saying yes to the right dress! Most importantly, you’ll know when you have the dress of your dreams on, so go with that gut and heart instinct. Say YES!

5) After you say yes to the dress

~ You will be measured so that we can order the dress in your exact size and color you want it to be in. We will go over the sizes with you, so that you know we ordered it correctly. You will pay for the dress and then make an alterations appointment 6-8 weeks before your wedding, if time allows. If not, we can always do rush alterations, so don’t worry; everything will be perfect!

6) Alterations and final touches

~ Every woman is shaped differently so just know that alterations happen for most everyone, whether there are big adjustments or none at all. The alterations appointment is set up with one of our master seamstresses who will go over every detail of the dress to figure out what you want to be altered. They have been doing this for over 30 years so your dress will be beyond perfect for your big day. There are normally at least two to three alterations appointments, depending on what needs to be done. You’ll try it on each time just to make sure it’s fitting correctly and looks how you imagined. After the last fitting, you’ll get to take it home or leave it to be steamed and before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle in your dream gown!

Now you are prepared for your bridal experience! Stop in or call and book an appointment today!

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