VEBO is the Rave

What is Vebo you ask? Well Vebo is a wedding gift registry! Instead of your guests buying presents for you to bring to the wedding, they can put money towards a fun activity that you and your hubby can do as a couple! What better way to start your marriage than to spend quality time on a create and exciting date? And according to scientific research sharing adventures and going on unique dates improves marriages! Some of the fun activities and events you can attend are cooking classes, Latin dance lessons, riding a hot air balloon, white water rafting, winemaking, and so much more!

All you need to do is register for Vebo, select a few activities that you are interested in and tell your guests to look at them and contribute to the activity instead of bringing a gift, or along side bringing a gift if your guests are that wonderful. The amount of each activity ranges from $18 to $800, so have your wedding guests pick from some of your selections and add money to it! It is currently available in Colorado only, however the company will be expanding to other US states soon.

For further information check out their website to see if you are interested in the activities they will have planned for you!

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