When you’re stressed your comfort foods seem to yell for your attention and never seem to go away. We find comfort in eating our stress away for a few reasons and the first reason is simple; it is all about the mechanics. Tension seems to disappear when your mouth is moving or crunching down on something. Another reason is that eating seems to signal “I’m okay and relaxed because the food is energizing me” to the brain, seemingly to overpower what the body is really saying what it really needs. However, your body does need certain foods, but it needs the right foods, not the comfort foods that we tend to want more.

Foods that help decrease stress are out there and I am here to tell you of a few of them!!

Oranges – The vitamin C is know to curb level of stress hormones and strengthen your immune system

Spinach– Gives magnesium which helps headaches and fatigue

Pistachios– They are a healthy fat that can help lower cholesterol, ease inflammation in the hearts arteries and they prevent effects of stress

Berries– Berries are rich in Vitamin C and the best of all are blue berries. They are an antioxidant that helps promote good health and known to sharpen your mind

Raw Veggies– Crunch raw veggies helps ease stress because it wards of tension by the mechanics of crunching down on something

Bread– Healthy carbs stabilize sugar levels and if you eat it before bed it releases serotonin and helps you sleep better

Changing your diet and eating right always helps with stress but there are always more ways to release stress, such as exercise. Being active and exercising for 30 minutes at least for 3 to 4 days boosts oxygen circulation and gives your body endorphins