Honeymoon ideas

Honeymoon ideas

The honeymoon is one of the best chapters of your book! There are many places and activities you can do as a couple for your honeymoon. Some ideas are more obvious than others, such as taking a cruise or an island vacation getaway. However the less obvious ideas are sometimes less expensive and a bit more unique.


1) Camp – Honeymoons are meant to bring you closer and have time to each other, what better way to do that than pitch a tent and survive nature together.

2) Staycation-This may not sound glamorous but who wouldn’t love a month off from work and responsibilities just to be locked away in one house with the one you love?

3) Fancy Resort– Go to a resort in your hometown to get away for a couple days without the hassle of planes, buses, and worrying about getting back on time for work.

4) Road trip – Take a road trip and visit places you’ve been wanting to see around the states. It’s fun and instead of sitting on an 8 hour plane you could be sitting in a car looking at the world around you.

5) Las Vegas – A trip to sin city might just be the fun get away you need for your honeymoon to see shows or go to beautiful restaurants.

6) Themed Retreats – There are many retreats around that you could choose from to have a themed and fun honeymoon, like ranching, yoga, backpacking, or vineyard retreats.

7) Disney Parks – Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld for a magical honeymoon, filled with fun, mickey, and rides.


The honeymoon wasn’t always a happy time for everybody. There are many theories on how it began and how we got the name. In ancient times the honeymoon was the time when the bride and groom would be hiding from the brides family who were trying to rescue her from her abductor, her groom. They would come out of hiding when the bride was either pregnant or her family stopped looking for her. Thus the beginning of what we know as the honeymoon after a wedding. Another theory about the honeymoon is that for the first month of the marriage the couple would drink honeyed mead for a full moon cycle, because the tradition used to be for the couple to be married on a full moon.