BE Collection|Bridal Elegance Private Line

BE Collection|Bridal Elegance Private Line

What is a Private Label?

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Shopping for a wedding dress can be an intimidating process, especially when you start doing research overload. You’re probably seeing so many dresses that are beautiful, yet similar to each other. You want a totally unique dress and one that you haven’t seen others wear.  Well, we would like to introduce you to our private label “Modest Dress Collection” and “BE Collection”!  These collections are EXCLUSIVE to Bridal Elegance–and we are so excited to share them with you!


Why do we have Private Label Gowns here at Bridal Elegance?

We love to be able to offer exclusive wedding dresses that you will only find at Bridal Elegance.  Our brides deserve to have a custom experience. Our Modest Dress Collection and BE Collection line features dresses that we have hand-picked just for you! With customizable sleeves, secret sparkle tulle, romantic lace or and more, we can provide a dress that is unique to YOU.

Some of our Favorites

You’ve heard us brag about our Modest Dress Collection and BE Collection dresses, but let us SHOW you all the beauty that they embody. Here are just a few of our favorite dresses that we think everyone should see during their dress shopping experience.  Make your dress appointment now.

A modern clean mikado sweetheart wedding dress with a cuffed neckline and full A-line skirt. This dress features a full A-line skirt with box pleats and front slits. 

Are you looking for a dress with sleeves?  You can’t miss trying on this gown. Not only does it have sleeves but it has sparkle misty tulle.

A-Line Chiffon Wedding Gown with Beaded Embroidered Lace and Cummerbund. Bridal store in Colorado Springs, CO Bridal Elegance

Illusion V-neck embroidered lace with lightly scattered beading on the straps.  This also has an illusion neckline and pleated cummerbund

You’re now ready to find your dream dress

Take a breath.  It’s time…  Call us or click on the link and let’s get the party started. 

We can’t wait to see which gown you will choose to walk down the idea to the person who is waiting for you.

After you book your appointment, we will call you and start to get to know more about YOU!  We love to create life memories here in our boutique.

Your friends at Bridal Elegance

5 Things to know before you start to look for your wedding dress

5 Things to know before you start to look for your wedding dress

Happy couple who just got engaged

WOW!  Your engaged and now you want everyone to know.  That’s correct- tell your family and friends and even your co-workers.  Be prepared to tell them how you were proposed to.  Was it at a public place or was it private?  This is an exciting time. Getting engaged deserves a celebration!

Post those engagement pictures. If you didn’t have an engagement pictures taken, post a selfie of you and your new fiancé (yes, I said it, fiancé!) and that gorgeous ring.

1. Set your Budget

To make a budget, you’ll need to tally up your savings, maintain a detailed spreadsheet so you don’t go over during the planning process.  Prepare for unexpected costs, as well as make meaningful cuts so that you don’t exceed your total budget. It’s hard work, we know, but putting in the time and energy now ensures you’ll live happily ever after wedding debt free.

You will need to start to create a guest list also, so that you can include this number for your budget.

2. Look at my ring! Now you need to get it insured and sized.

A good way to check the fit of an engagement ring is to put it on, then try to take it off. If it slides onto the ring finger easily but needs one to three seconds of pressure to get over the knuckle on the way off, it’s probably a fairly good fit.  Remember, your knuckle is the largest part of your finger. An engagement ring should feel light and comfortable when it’s on the finger, without any obvious squeezing or discomfort, but it also shouldn’t be able to slide over your knuckle too easily.


  • If the ring is too large, your jeweler will remove a small part of the shank (the part of the ring that goes around the finger), then carefully attach the ends of the ring back together with solder. The jeweler will then clean and polish the ring to remove any signs of the resizing process.
  • If the ring is too small, your jeweler will normally cut the bottom of the ring and add a small piece of metal to the shank. This is done carefully and precisely to increase the size of the ring without any obvious visual signs that it’s been resized.

3. Pick a Date

Save the date cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you have set your wedding appointments.

The process of how to pick a wedding date will be different for each couple.  A good place to start is to consider how much time you’ll need to plan your amazing day. According to our 2019 statistics, the average engagement is about 15 months long. 

Is there a season that you have always loved more than the others?  Also check with your venue and see if there are any openings for that date.  If you are getting married at a church, there will be marriage preparation classes that you will be required to do before your wedding can happen. Here is a hint- it’s always best to get married at the church that you attend instead of shopping churches that has the best interior for your wedding. 

4. Get Organized and Start Researching

One most important item that you will need to help you keep organized is getting a planner!  You can pick these up at any bridal shop.  With a planner you can create your checklists, write down critical information, track your budget, and put your pictures and research all in one place. If you aren’t normally organized, consider hiring a wedding coordinator.  They can relieve a lot of stress that you may have.  They are worth the money!  

5. You’re now ready to find your dream dress

OUR FAVORITE PART! It’s now time to feel like a bride and try on some wedding gowns here at Bridal Elegance. Putting your look together and imagining the moment you walk down the aisle is something special. Schedule your bridal appointment a month in advance, especially during busy season. If you can come in during the week instead of only on the weekend it will be quieter and focused on YOU! At Bridal Elegance we want our brides to feel safe and comfortable, and we strive to make it the best experience possible.  We love to celebrate with every bride!

After you book your appointment, we will call you and start to get to know more about YOU!  We love to create life memories here in our boutique.

Are you ready?  Click on the link to book an appointment. We can’t wait to see you!

Your friends at Bridal Elegance

Everything You Need to Know To Have A Bridal Shower

Everything You Need to Know To Have A Bridal Shower

The first bridal shower

Many moons ago a Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller’s son and wanted to marry him. However, her father had other ideas for her future, one that entailed a wealthy pig farmer. He told her not to marry the boy and that if she did, he would take away her dowry. This bold Dutch girl doesn’t listen to her father and decides to marry the miller’s son anyways because she is in love with him. Her friends and village people heard about this and wanted to show their support, so they gave them gifts to help them begin their life as a couple. It was said that the father was so touched by this that he ended up helping them out with money. Thus, the beginning of what we know now as a Bridal Shower.

Three Months Before

  • Decide on a theme. A theme can tie the decor and food together while adding a personal touch. It can be simple like a garden or tea party, or more elaborate as a Luau or beach party.
  • Get a guest list from the bride. This event is for her close family and friends.  Let the bride decide who should be there. 
  • Choose a location. Bridal showers can be as formal or relaxed as you want. They can be held in a chandelier-filled event space or in someone’s backyard. Your venue should comfortably accommodate all your guests and match the theme.
  • Make sure the couple has a registry. Guests traditionally bring gifts to a bridal shower, and many like to choose from the couple’s registry. Make sure it is ready to go before you send out bridal shower invitations.


Two Months Before

  • Send out invitations. Bridal shower invitations can be printed or electronic. Invitations set the tone for the event, so make sure they reflect the theme or mood. The invitation should include all the necessary details, including the date, time, location, and theme.
  • Hire vendors. If you’re hiring vendors such as caterers or photographers, now is the time to do so. You can also opt to have friends and family help out during the bridal shower instead of professional staff. Confirm who wants to pitch in and the roles they will play.
  • Purchase decor. If you are buying decorations for the bridal shower, select a few key items to buy. If you need tablecloths, Bridal Elegance has many sizes and colors to rent to match any themes.

One Month Before

  • Finalize details and confirm vendors. Now is the time to check in with the venue and vendors to make sure contracts have been signed, menu items have been chosen, and all the logistical details are set.
  • Work on game ideas. A fun part of any bridal shower is playing games. They encourage guests to mingle and always get the room laughing.

Two Weeks Before

  • Confirm attendees. Follow-up with guests who haven’t RSVPed and finalize the number of attendees.
  • Finalize decor. Make sure all the decorations have arrived and that you have everything you need to make the venue look gorgeous.
  • Create a playlist. Make a fun playlist to set the tone for the party. Consider incorporating the bride’s favorite tunes and artists or songs that match the theme. 


One Week Before

  • Create a checklist of to-dos. To eliminate stress on the day of the bridal shower, make sure you have a game plan. Delegate to those willing to help. That way no one has an overwhelming amount to do.


One Day Before

  • Cook and clean. If the event is at someone’s house, make sure the setting is clean and ready to welcome guests. Prep any food that you are making, and if other people are making items, check in on them to see if they need anything.
  • Decorate the space. If you have access to the venue the day before the bridal shower, consider decorating early to alleviate some stress on the day-of. If you can’t decorate the room early, make sure to leave ample time on the morning of the shower to get it ready.
  • Check things off the list. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and forget important tasks. Consult your checklist to make sure you have all tasks completed.