Have you wondered what wedding dresses you should try on as a bride with a larger chest size? Finally, the wait is over! We spoke to our bridal stylist and expert alterations staff to learn how to approach shopping for your special day as a busty bride, and these are the tips you definitely don’t want to miss. Get the scoop, below.

1. Consider trying on dresses with straps- Definitely explore styles with straps thick enough to cover your bra straps! This way, you’ll have extra support and no one will even know. Cap sleeves are a great option here too. Keep in mind, while a spaghetti strap might look nice, the weight of your bust might make these skinny straps dig into your shoulders. Stiffer strap fabrics (think satin, crepe, etc.) will also provide extra support, while fabrics like delicate mesh will not.  Here at Bridal Elegance we have in stock supportive strapless, long line bras that you can try on with your gowns.

2. Corset back verses zipper backAs a woman our bodies change every day. Yes let’s discuss bloating.  There is a reason why designers create dresses with corsets.  A zipper back gown will leave your bust nowhere to go but up and out even with a little bloating. We have all seen brides oozing out the top of a gown or heard the stories of zips not doing up at the last minute or worse still, popping under the pressure. Something that no bride wants.

Whereas a corset or lace up back will ensure a great fit every time. No last minute worries.

3. Opt for styles with a higher back!- Dresses with raised backs make great options for bustier brides. This way, a bra can be worn without it being seen.  At Bridal Elegance we have many different styles that offer the raised back.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t see any of your back, it is just helps to not show to much of your back. 😊

4. Illusion isn’t off the table! While some might think sheer illusion in the bodice would be off limits for a bigger chest, fear no more! If you’re totally in love with the look of illusion, we say “yes”—just keep in mind you’ll need to wear a skin colored bra for some secret support. Depending on the level of illusion or cut outs, your seamstress might suggest filling in these areas with lace, lining or detailing to accommodate undergarments. Keep in mind, customization fees may apply here. 

5. Think about bust-friendly necklines- If you’re not wild about cleavage, there are great bust-friendly necklines out there for you! Instead of a more revealing v-neckline, try a bateau neckline or a pretty off-the shoulder look. Both of these styles can incorporate a strapless bra to give you the support you need, but still show off your décolletage.

The best bit of advice I can give to a bigger busted bride to be is never buy a wedding dress online. The girl in the picture is not you.

So the moral to the story is see a specialist when it comes to the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear try on different styles see for yourself how they sit on your body.

Sample Sale Secrets

Sample Sale Secrets

So the first question we always get asked is, ‘What IS a sample sale?’ as they often get mixed up with a Trunk Show. A sample sale is when you are purchasing the gown right out of our store’s collection. There are a number of reasons why bridal stores decide to part with a sample gown.  The dress is discontinued, the need for space because new season gowns are coming in and also the condition of a gown.  When you are purchasing a sample gown, remember that it will likely not be in perfect condition as it will have been tried on before by other brides HOWEVER, if you are the type of girl who loves a deal… the sample sale is perfect for you! There are a few top tips that we have for those of you thinking about purchasing from a sample sale…

1. Don’t dry clean the gown!- We don’t recommend this as you can ruin the gown. If you feel the need to clean, we can spot clean the areas you wish.

2. Don’t expect them to look brand new!- Remember that the gown will have been tried on before and may have things such as loose beads or lace however, the price will always reflect the condition of the dress.

3. Alterations!- can make the dress smaller or we can put in a corset to make it a size larger.

4.  Best time to get a dress for your reception!

5.  Don’t have 6 months to wait– sample sale is cash and carry.

Ready to book your appointment for our July 17 – 24, 2021 sample sale?  Click here.

Why Shop At The July Sample Sale?

Why Shop At The July Sample Sale?

Shop our sale July 17 – 24  and  find your dream wedding dress for less. Experience in person the magic of the moment when you discover the gown that is just right for you and can take home  with you.  Book your 90 minute gown appointment now.  The earlier the better so that you can see all of the gowns before they are bought.

  • Discounted gowns are marked from $400-$1500 off their original price!   
  • Clearance formalwear section of $39.99
  • Special orders receive 10% off during the sale
  • 10 FREE bling- bling tumblers for the first 10 brides who purchase a dress during the sale

​We have over 70 gowns in our collection that have been discounted! The gowns come in limited sizing and come as-is.

Sneek Peek

Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the dresses that we will have on sale during our 2021 National Bridal Sale Event from July 17-24! If you see a dress that you love, be sure to book your appointment ASAP. You want to make sure that you have the chance to try it on before another bride purchases it!

PID #4354

Sweetheart neckline, pleated bodice and floral skirt will be 40% off during our July sale!

PID #9176

Mori Lee #6814

Aline dress with crystal beaded straps will be 40% off during our July sale!

PID #7798

Ball gown with beaded belt and sequin tulle skirt. This dress is 30% off on original price.

Do you love the dresses that you’re seeing? Come try on many more dresses. Book your 90 minute appointment ASAP so that you don’t miss out on getting your dream dress at a dream price! Give us a call at 719-596-5911 or click on the Appointments button below

Veil or No Veil? | Weighing the Pros & Cons

Veil or No Veil? | Weighing the Pros & Cons

 While wearing a veil on your wedding day isn’t required, it’s definitely something to give some thought to. Deciding whether or not to wear one? We’ve compiled pros and cons for each side—veil or no veil.


Completing your Look

If you’re choosing to see your partner for the first time down the aisle (or at the end of whatever gorgeous ceremony setup you choose), the big veil reveal is such a romantic and dramatic moment that you’ll never forget. Plus, if you’re getting a little teary-eyed as you walk towards your partner, you’ll have plenty of time to pull yourself together under the veil.


If you want to tie in some lace or beading to a more classic gown, a veil can help, or you can complement lace and beading with a veil! 

A Veil Can Transform Your Look

If you’re not sold on the idea of wearing a second reception dress but you do want to switch up your style, a veil will transform your dress from the ceremony to the after-party. Wear it during your vows for a more traditional look, then take it off and consider switching your hairstyle or adding a fun accessory, like a bridal headband to give your outfit a quick and easy transformation.

Once In A Lifetime

Veils are special because they’re an once-in-a-lifetime kind of accessory. Headbands, hair pins and fascinators are all fancy dress options you can wear to galas, cocktail parties or even New Year’s Eve, but there is something inherently romantic about an accessory specifically meant for your wedding day, and all the symbolism and tradition.  You will truly feel like a bride when you try it on with your dress.

Incorporating an Heirloom

A veil is an excellent opportunity to incorporate a family heirloom into your wedding! If properly preserved, a veil can act as your “something old” at your wedding. This accessory is something that you can easily pass on from generations, depending on the quality and care taken to preserve it. 

Wedding Photos

We’ve all seen those picture-perfect photos of a bride with a veil flowing effortlessly behind them to create a dreamy display or wrapping around a couple as they embrace. SO ROMANTIC. What’s even better: you can take it off to get another look! Adding a veil to the mix can help you switch things up in your wedding photos instead of everything looking the same! Let your photographer get creative with all the possibilities of veil pictures, and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Additional Expense

There is an additional cost whenever you add a veil to your wedding look, as with any accessory. The price can vary depending on the price, designer, quality, and design. If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a veil, incorporate it into your budget from the start. Planning keeps you from spending too much in other areas and ensures you can get a veil you’ve always envisioned.

Competing with a Detailed Gown

One of the biggest things we hear when talking about veils, especially with a detailed gown, is that it competes with the dress. A veil can sometimes block the way of the amazing details you may have on the back of your dress. If you’re someone who values those details and wants them seen as you’re walking down the aisle, you may opt for a show stopping hairpiece instead.

Getting in the Way

Even if you are the most minimalistic bride ever, there are just a lot of parts when it comes to your wedding day attire—dress, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, etc. Not to mention, all of those parts need to look picture perfect. A wedding veil is just one more thing to remember to steam and prep and not tear or step on.   If you’re having an outdoor ceremony you’ve got to remember that windy weather is a very real threat to your perfectly placed veil. 


Choose Your Dress First

Choosing your dress first is essential to finding a veil that will complement your wedding look perfectly. By choosing your dress first, you can try multiple veils on with it to make sure you find the perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to try on something entirely different than what you were initially thinking! Chances are you’ve never seen a wedding dress with a veil on yourself, so you never really know how it’s going to look. Trying on multiple veils with the gown you say yes to helps create the vision you’ve always imagined for your wedding day.

Consider your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can affect the way a veil looks on, so it’s essential to find a veil that complements your hairstyle for the day of your wedding. Bring your veil to your hair trial to ensure it fits flawlessly into the look. Where your veil is placed into your hair can affect the length, so it’s important to get the two in sync before the wedding.

Make Sure it is Pinned by a Professional

On your wedding day, be sure to have your professional hairstylist pins your veil! You want it to be extra secure for your walk down the aisle, so you don’t have to worry about messing with it or even worse, it falling off.

Pinpoint Your Budget

Pinpointing your budget from the beginning will help you decide what you want to spend on other aspects of your wedding look. Maybe you opt for more affordable jewelry so you can have the veil you always dreamed of, or perhaps you go with the cheaper wedding shoe to accommodate the price of your veil. A budget is always a must in the wedding world!

Types of Veils

 While the word “veil” may bring about images of face coverings and long pieces of tulle, the fact is that veils come in many different shapes and styles. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a wedding veil, know that there is a variety of styles available to you. What you may be used to seeing throughout media and history is a blusher, cathedral length veil, chapel length veil, or dupatta (traditionally worn by Indian women). Whether you prefer a long veil or a short one, there’s one out there for you and the bridal look you’re going for.

Birdcage 12-18″

Birdcage styles are all about the drama! They add a vintage vibe to any look and are perfect for outdoor weddings because they are short! Some prefer the birdcage style because they are low-maintenance. You can wear it by covering the face down to the chin or swept to the side for a more dramatic look.

Blusher 30″

A blusher is a traditional look that comes to mind when a bride hears the word “veil”. It is a short, single layer worn over a bride’s face as she walks down the aisle, later pulled back by the groom or father.

Shoulder-Length 20″

Shoulder-length veils are perfect for gowns that have a lot of detailing on the back. This length can rest on or slightly cover your shoulders. If you are worried about covering up the detailing on your gown but still want to wear one, this could be an option.

Elbow-Length 32″

An elbow-length veil can pair perfectly with many different dress styles. It falls at your elbows, as you probably guessed. This style can especially complement a ball gown because of where the veil ends and where the skirt begins. 

Fingertip 38-40″

The fingertip length veil is a common style worn among brides because of its flattering length. This style is good for bringing some details past the bodice of a dress. It’s long enough that it doesn’t cover the details on the top or bottom of the dress but complements them seamlessly.

Knee-Length 48″

Knee-length veils are perfect for those who want to wear a long veil, and keep it on through their reception. It’s long enough, falling between the knee and mid-calf, but not too long that you’ll be dragging it around all night.

Floor-Length 72″

This style is perfect for a gown that doesn’t have a train. It should be just dusting the floor, as the hem of the wedding dress does. It adds a little bit of volume to your bridal look and doesn’t compete with the details. It’s sheer to see the details of your dress, short enough for comfortability and flowy to create an elegant and effortless feel.

Chapel 90″

Chapel veils are perfect for formal settings and extravagant gowns. It adds length and drama to your bridal look that makes for amazing pictures.

Cathedral 108-120″

Cathedral veils are the longest and most extravagant of them all. They extend past the train, allowing you to see the entire gown and all the details.

Whether you choose to wear a veil or not, we hope this guide helped in making your decision! Either decision is completely normal and acceptable. Some people simply choose not to wear one, but if you are on the fence, follow our advice and hopefully land on the right decision for you!

Why to Upgrade your Bridal Appointment

Why to Upgrade your Bridal Appointment

Why not have a celebration as you are finding your dress!! At Bridal Elegance, we strive to make our brides feel like there is no one else in our boutique from the moment they walk in our doors. Our store is a safe place where you should feel comfortable to be yourself, make decisions, and learn along the way. We believe the experience of finding your dream wedding dress should create memories that will last a lifetime!  We want to CELEBRATE with You!

Our Queen Parties is for anyone looking to upgrade the typical bridal appointment at our boutique!  We also have Bridesmaids Parties to make that portion of the wedding planning process a celebration too. No matter if you are in town or traveling, we have an opportunity for you! All you have to do is click here to schedule an appointment.  In this blog, we will tell you all about our upgraded bridal experiences that we offer at Bridal Elegance!

Queen Party

The Queen Party is one of our favorite ways to look for your gown. You said Yes to your engagement ring and now it’s time to say YES! to finding your perfect dream dress! At your Queen Party appointment, you will receive:

  • Sweet Treats
  • Refreshments (who doesn’t like mimosas while shopping?!)
  • 2 hours with one of our Master Stylists
  • Enjoy the entire boutique to yourself and your party
  • A surprise for the bride to take home with her

A Queen Party creates a more customized experience for the bride and everyone around her while allowing a carefree shopping process. Use this as a perfect way to surprise the bride and create a celebration that she didn’t see coming! Anyone can call and upgrade her bridal appointment (it’ll be our little secret). 

The Parties are $99

Bridesmaids Party

Finding bridesmaid’s dresses can be just as much a party! You have your dress picked out, and now it’s time to start customizing the wedding look with colors and styles. Getting together the girls for this shopping experience may as well be a celebration. Upgrade your bridesmaid’s shopping experience to get:

  • Sweet treats during the appointment
  • Refreshments to drink

If you are getting the bridesmaids together, there’s no reason not to celebrate! Use this as an opportunity to relax with your girls while you chat about wedding details prepared!

The Parties are $99