Bridal Showers

Bridal Showers

History Lesson

Many moons ago a Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller’s son and wanted to marry him. However, her father had other ideas for her future, one that entailed a wealthy pig farmer. He told her not to marry the boy and that if she did, he would take away her dowry. This bold Dutch girl doesn’t listen to her father and decides to marry the miller’s son anyways because she is in love with him. Her friends and village people heard about this and wanted to show their support so they gave them gifts to help them begin their life as a couple. It was said that the father was so touched by this that he ended up helping them out with money. Thus, the beginning of what we know now as a Bridal Shower.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are a tastefully, fun, family and friend gathering that is filled with games, food, and of course gifts. This is a bit different than the bachelorette party that is usually a bit more adventurous and wild, whereas the bridal shower is more innocent and G rated. However, you can still get crazy with your themes and games for your bridal shower.

Theme ideas

There are many themes you can do such as a tasting shower, where you try different types of cheese or chocolates, spa and beauty showerco-ed shower, meaning you invite the groom and other men of your liking, an outdoorsy shower, so rock climbing or renting a cabin, or you can have a foodie shower, where one of your friends teaches the guests how to cook! There are many more themes out there, so get creative about the celebration of love!


Games are the best part of the bridal shower, so get silly and spunky with it! You have games like the toilet paper wedding dress gametwo truths and a lie, and you have the clothespin game, which is when you give each guest either “bride” or “groom” and they can’t say that word all night! Have fun planning the shower because the sky is the limit! You can embarrass the bride as much or as little and you want.

Bridal Showers are meant to shower the bride in gifts and love but it’s also an excuse to party and have fun!