Have you wondered what wedding dresses you should try on as a bride with a larger chest size? Finally, the wait is over! We spoke to our bridal stylist and expert alterations staff to learn how to approach shopping for your special day as a busty bride, and these are the tips you definitely don’t want to miss. Get the scoop, below.

1. Consider trying on dresses with straps- Definitely explore styles with straps thick enough to cover your bra straps! This way, you’ll have extra support and no one will even know. Cap sleeves are a great option here too. Keep in mind, while a spaghetti strap might look nice, the weight of your bust might make these skinny straps dig into your shoulders. Stiffer strap fabrics (think satin, crepe, etc.) will also provide extra support, while fabrics like delicate mesh will not.  Here at Bridal Elegance we have in stock supportive strapless, long line bras that you can try on with your gowns.

2. Corset back verses zipper backAs a woman our bodies change every day. Yes let’s discuss bloating.  There is a reason why designers create dresses with corsets.  A zipper back gown will leave your bust nowhere to go but up and out even with a little bloating. We have all seen brides oozing out the top of a gown or heard the stories of zips not doing up at the last minute or worse still, popping under the pressure. Something that no bride wants.

Whereas a corset or lace up back will ensure a great fit every time. No last minute worries.

3. Opt for styles with a higher back!- Dresses with raised backs make great options for bustier brides. This way, a bra can be worn without it being seen.  At Bridal Elegance we have many different styles that offer the raised back.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t see any of your back, it is just helps to not show to much of your back. 😊

4. Illusion isn’t off the table! While some might think sheer illusion in the bodice would be off limits for a bigger chest, fear no more! If you’re totally in love with the look of illusion, we say “yes”—just keep in mind you’ll need to wear a skin colored bra for some secret support. Depending on the level of illusion or cut outs, your seamstress might suggest filling in these areas with lace, lining or detailing to accommodate undergarments. Keep in mind, customization fees may apply here. 

5. Think about bust-friendly necklines- If you’re not wild about cleavage, there are great bust-friendly necklines out there for you! Instead of a more revealing v-neckline, try a bateau neckline or a pretty off-the shoulder look. Both of these styles can incorporate a strapless bra to give you the support you need, but still show off your décolletage.

The best bit of advice I can give to a bigger busted bride to be is never buy a wedding dress online. The girl in the picture is not you.

So the moral to the story is see a specialist when it comes to the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear try on different styles see for yourself how they sit on your body.