Sample Sale Secrets

Sample Sale Secrets

So the first question we always get asked is, ‘What IS a sample sale?’ as they often get mixed up with a Trunk Show. A sample sale is when you are purchasing the gown right out of our store’s collection. There are a number of reasons why bridal stores decide to part with a sample gown.  The dress is discontinued, the need for space because new season gowns are coming in and also the condition of a gown.  When you are purchasing a sample gown, remember that it will likely not be in perfect condition as it will have been tried on before by other brides HOWEVER, if you are the type of girl who loves a deal… the sample sale is perfect for you! There are a few top tips that we have for those of you thinking about purchasing from a sample sale…

1. Don’t dry clean the gown!- We don’t recommend this as you can ruin the gown. If you feel the need to clean, we can spot clean the areas you wish.

2. Don’t expect them to look brand new!- Remember that the gown will have been tried on before and may have things such as loose beads or lace however, the price will always reflect the condition of the dress.

3. Alterations!- can make the dress smaller or we can put in a corset to make it a size larger.

4.  Best time to get a dress for your reception!

5.  Don’t have 6 months to wait– sample sale is cash and carry.

Ready to book your appointment for our July 17 – 24, 2021 sample sale?  Click here.

Why Shop At The July Sample Sale?

Why Shop At The July Sample Sale?

Shop our sale July 17 – 24  and  find your dream wedding dress for less. Experience in person the magic of the moment when you discover the gown that is just right for you and can take home  with you.  Book your 90 minute gown appointment now.  The earlier the better so that you can see all of the gowns before they are bought.

  • Discounted gowns are marked from $400-$1500 off their original price!   
  • Clearance formalwear section of $39.99
  • Special orders receive 10% off during the sale
  • 10 FREE bling- bling tumblers for the first 10 brides who purchase a dress during the sale

​We have over 70 gowns in our collection that have been discounted! The gowns come in limited sizing and come as-is.

Sneek Peek

Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the dresses that we will have on sale during our 2021 National Bridal Sale Event from July 17-24! If you see a dress that you love, be sure to book your appointment ASAP. You want to make sure that you have the chance to try it on before another bride purchases it!

PID #4354

Sweetheart neckline, pleated bodice and floral skirt will be 40% off during our July sale!

PID #9176

Mori Lee #6814

Aline dress with crystal beaded straps will be 40% off during our July sale!

PID #7798

Ball gown with beaded belt and sequin tulle skirt. This dress is 30% off on original price.

Do you love the dresses that you’re seeing? Come try on many more dresses. Book your 90 minute appointment ASAP so that you don’t miss out on getting your dream dress at a dream price! Give us a call at 719-596-5911 or click on the Appointments button below