10 Must Do’s before your Wedding Day

10 Must Do’s before your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful and a lot of work! So, make sure you are allowing yourself to breathe and not stress out too much. Be efficient but don’t overwhelm yourself.

To prepare yourself for the big day with as much fun and as little stress as possible I have come up with 10 Must Do’s before your wedding.

1)Take Engagement Photos– This is a fun way to show off your love and engagement. It’s also great practice for your wedding day!

2) Have a Heart to Heart– Bond with your bridesmaids, mom, dad, and anyone else you are close with. Talk about your fears and concerns about going into this marriage, ask for advice and just take time to be with the people who love and cherish you.

3) Handle Finances– Talk to your fiancé about the joining of accounts and any concerns you have about future finances.

4) Food Tasting– Test all the food you will be serving to your guests. It’s a great excuse to have fun and enjoy awesome food in order to find the best to serve at your wedding.

5) Prepare Back Up Hair and Make Up Plan– If for any reason the person who is supposed to do your hair and make up can’t make it, make sure you have styles you can do yourself.

6) Rehearse– Have a rehearsal dinner, practice walking down the isle with a bouquet and holding onto whoever is walking you down the isle, practice where everyone stands, and in general the flow of the wedding. This is great to ease stress and involve the whole family.

7) Paperwork– Make sure you’ve taken care of all paperwork, talk to the venue and see if everything is all set for the day ahead of time and talk to your officiate to check if you both have signed all the papers or gotten all the blood work you need to get done to make sure you will be married by the end of the wedding.

8) Honeymoon Preparation– Make a check list! Be sure a couple days ahead that you have all the toiletries you need, passport ready, identification with you, the proper clothing needed, and anything else you need packed. Also, call and make sure the plane is on schedule and that the reservations at the hotel are booked.

9) Day of Coordinator– As the bride you cannot be everywhere at once, so have a day of coordinator who can be everywhere for you. That person will make sure everything is running smoothly so that you do not have to worry about it.

10) Take Care of Yourself– Focus on you, this is your big day! Do not let anything stress you out because it is your day and all you need to do is make sure you have everything you need. Make sure you have your veil, dress, shoes, make up, snacks and anything else you personally need on your wedding day.