Question 1


Yes with one exception. At Bridal Elegance we average approximately 500 wedding gowns in stock from sizes 2 to 24. In our plus sizes only however (sizes 20 to 30), there is a section of gowns we can special order. It should be noted that even these styles could also change on a regular basis so if you see a dress you love; we recommend you buy it right away. We also have a Couture designer’s test rack where designers are testing wedding gowns that may go into production in the future.

Question 2

WHAT ARE THE PRICES LIKE AT BRIDAL ELEGANCE? One word alone describes the wedding gown prices…AMAZING!

Most other stores as large as Bridal Elegance sell only their own manufactured gowns but Bridal Elegance sells independent, well known designer gowns that are normally only found in small boutique stores as well as our own exclusive designs. The difference is that for most of the designers represented in our store Bridal Elegance is their largest customer. This means we buy in large volume that, results in large discounts that we can pass on to our customers. When you come to Bridal Elegance advise your consultant as to your budget and she will work not only to find you the most beautiful gown you’ve ever seen BUT she will also work to satisfy your financial needs. From gowns in the $300.00 and $400.00 range to gowns in the Couture Shoppe (a separate store within the store) for several thousands. Bridal Elegance has wedding gowns in every price point in between.

Question 3


Yes, Yes, Yes. BUT, we strongly advise that you remember two things. First, the models used by the bridal designers average 6’ tall and wear a size 4 so unless you are this tall and wear a size 4 the gowns may not look the same on you. THIS IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO SEE YOURSELF IN THE GOWN IN YOUR SIZE BEFORE YOU BUY IT. The second thing you should know is that many designers sell gowns that are not advertised in the magazines and are not available online. They tend to look better on “normal” sized women so BRING AN OPEN MIND. It has been our experience that when many women see themselves in a pictured gown they thought they loved they exclaim “gee, I thought it would be more exciting” and, when they try on a gown style they had not even considered before they go crazy over how good it makes them feel. You should also know that when a bride brings in a picture of a gown she likes, 70% of the time we either have that exact same dress or one that is very similar. Ours always seem to be for a lot less money too.

Question 4


Yes, at Bridal Elegance Bridal we do not permit self-service. Every future bride is assigned a personal consultant that will wait on her alone. We do accommodate walk-ins but appointments are always given preference. (With an appointment either a consultant is waiting for you or you will automatically be “next up”.) Call 719-596-5911.

Question 5

WHAT IF I FIND THE GOWN OF MY DREAMS AND I’M NOT READY TO BUY IT YET? (I’m not ready financially or I want my mom to see it.) CAN YOU HOLD THE GOWN FOR ME?

Sorry, we can’t. Bridal Elegance Bridal usually has only one of each gown (sometimes there may be the same gown in a different size). If we held a gown we may be depriving someone from buying that saw and loved that same gown a day before you. The advantage of our style of store is that if you don’t find a gown of your dreams on your visit you can return in two weeks and see many new and different gowns that came in since your last visit. The disadvantage is that if you find the gown of your dreams and don’t purchase it that day there is a good chance it won’t be here when you come back. That is why we suggest that before you set an appointment you ask yourself, “If I found the wedding gown of my dreams in my budget can I buy it today?” If the answer is no just schedule a tour so you won’t fall in love with any one gown. It’s best to be ready at Bridal Elegance by bringing your mom or whoever you want with you. So if you’re that lucky to find the perfect dress you won’t have to leave it behind. We do have a lay-a-way plan (60% down, balance in 30 days) and with approved credit we also offer 90 days same as cash. All major credit cards are accepted including debit cards but we do not accept checks.

Question 6


There are two BIG differences. First, although both Bridal Elegance and the big chain both stock wedding gowns, the big chain store manufacturers its’ own dresses only at their factory, i.e. all the wedding gowns “they” sell were made by them. At BRIDAL ELEGANCE we do not make wedding gowns rather we have designers that design just for us. Also, we buy from the same designers who normally sell to the small boutique stores, but, instead of buying one dress at a time off a sample like the boutiques do, at Bridal Elegance we buy hundreds at a time from each designer, which entitles us to large discounts that we are able to pass on. In retail this is known as “volume discounting”. The second BIG difference is that the chain stores have “fixed styles for the season”. This means that for the most part their dress styles don’t change during the year. At Bridal Elegance we don’t have “fixed styles”. Our wedding gown styles and inventory changes every week (sometimes every day). In the clothing industry this is referred to as a “warehouse operation” like a TJ Max store. The benefit to you, our customer is that if you don’t find the gown of your dreams on your first visit, just come back in two weeks and you WILL see new and different wedding gowns in your size. The only small disadvantage to a warehouse operation like Bridal Elegance is that if you do find your perfect wedding gown and don’t purchase it, there is a good chance it won’t be here when you come back and you’ll have to start over in your quest.

Question 7


Yes, Bridal Elegance has up to four durning the peak season, all provide on-site fittings and two are master seamstresses’. Individually they have over 20 years experience in the bridal industry. You should plan to bring the shoes you will be wearing with the dress – along with any undergarments. We do carry a full line of slips and other accessories to complete your ensemble. We recommend having the alterations done six weeks prior to your event. Alteration appointments are available Tuesdays through Fridays and some Saturdays. To schedule your appointment please call us at 719-596-5911.

Question 8

Encore Bride; 2nd wedding; re-affirming vows; what does Bridal Elegance have?

Almost 25% of the women who visit Bridal Elegance looking for a wedding gown fit into this category. These women tell us that I don’t want to look like an 18 year old all poofed out and covered with beads and sequins BUT I do want to look special and beautiful so that when my fiancée sees me he will say “thank God I got her.” With this many customers coming in for encore weddings Bridal Elegance is ready. We have an extensive selection of “informal” wedding gowns which are simple, less expensive gowns with either no train or a little sweep train. We also have many “cleaner” less complicated styles of traditional type gowns that our encore brides have fallen in love with.

Question 9

Beach weddings; Destination weddings; Pregnant Bride???

Not a week goes by when we don’t have several requests in this category. The advantage of being so big is that we have the equivalent of six regular bridal stores worth of inventory means that we can give our beach and destination customers a truly awesome selection of wedding gowns designed to look free flowing, elegant, sexy and exciting for just this type of wedding. As for the pregnant brides, not only do we have a great selection of gowns that will accommodate this special need but we have the experienced consultants that will be able to guide you to a beautiful dress that will truly enhance your special day.

Question 10

Full figured women and Plus sizes at Bridal Elegance??

Bridal Elegance has always enjoyed a stellar reputation with plus size customers. Bridal Elegance offers plus sizes in three different options: 1. Off the rack where we have dresses up to size 30 ready to take home immediately; 2. A special order section where we have samples in sizes 18w to 36w available to be ordered. You will need to see us at least five months before the wedding for most of these dresses. Some are available sooner. 3. Special cut dresses are also available. If your budget permits it we have several designers that will take your measurements and cut a wedding gown to your needs and specifications. Here again, we will need to see you at least five months before the wedding.

Question 11

If I’m planning on losing weight when should I shop for and when should I buy my wedding gown?

Every experienced bridal seamstress will tell you that it is easy and inexpensive to take a wedding gown down in size. 95% of all future brides will need some alterations and when they open up side seams, taking out ¼ inch or 3” costs the same. So if you lose weight it is easy and inexpensive to make your gown still fit you perfectly if it was purchased in a bigger size. The opposite, releasing a gown if it is too small because you put on weight can be far more expensive to do and often it will not look perfect. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time and it is a mistake to add more stress because you will not fit into a dress if you don’t reach your weight goal. Most brides buy their wedding gowns 9 to 18 months before their weddings so that they can facilitate all the other planning and purchases that revolve around the gown. You should do the same even if you are planning to lose weight. Buy the gown that fits your current weight and if you reach your weight goals it will be easy to alter to fit you beautifully. If you don’t, so what! Your gown will still fit beautifully and remember he fell in love with you the way you are, not the way you hope to be.

Question 12

 Who should I bring with me when I come for my wedding gown shopping appointment at Bridal Elegance?

When shopping for a wedding gown all the experts advise not to bring too many people. Your mom and one or two other trusted individuals seem to be the perfect mix. Pick a few people who love you to come and your experience will be a lot more enjoyable and you will have a better chance of being successful in your quest. It's great to have one or two people who are close to you to give you honest opinions but bringing too many people to “poll the audience” is a recipe for disaster that may make you miss out on your perfect gown. In the end the only opinion that truly counts when picking a wedding gown is YOURS! You will be the center of attention at your wedding (no one cares how the groom looks). You want a wedding gown the will make you look awesome and feel amazing. You are the only one who will really know when you have found the gown that does this.

Question 13

Should I look for my wedding gown and the bridesmaids’ gown and tuxedos on the same day?

Don't try to do too much in one day. We suggest you not try to shop for bridesmaids and a wedding gown all in the same day. Finding that perfect gown can be harder, more time consuming, and more mentally exhausting than you think. We suggest you focus on your wedding gown first, check out our entire bridesmaids’ and tuxedo section before you leave and plan a separate day for the bridesmaids shopping. Let the groom know that we are also a full service tuxedo store as well.

Question 14

 Will I be able to see gowns at Bridal Elegance that are different from what I’ve seen everywhere else?

YES, YES, YES. There are only seven stores in the entire United States that stock independent designer gowns in all sizes and are as large as we are (We are the largest bridal store in the entire State of Colorado). Davids, Demetrios, and Alfred Angelo are all manufacturers who have their own chain stores. This means they manufacturer what they sell and the wedding gown inventory in their stores is limited to what they have made themselves. At Bridal Elegance we have as many as thirty different famous designers from around the world represented AND the majority are the designers “confined lines” which are dresses that are not advertised and not found on-line. These designer confined line wedding gowns are only sold to a very limited number of large volume stores like Bridal Elegance. The advantage for you, the customer, is that you can get an amazing designer gown at an exceptional value (no advertising costs tied to them) that won’t be available and sold all over the place.

Question 15

Will I actually be able to go through the racks and see for myself ALL the dresses Bridal Elegance has to offer?

Absolutely! Many of our customers have complained that at other bridal stores they are put into a dressing room and the store employee goes to another room to select gowns she thinks the future bride will like. At Bridal Elegance you and your personal certified bridal fashion consultant will go through the racks together to review, discuss and choose the wedding gowns you will try on. You will be able to see every gown Bridal Elegance has to offer in every size. The gowns are all bagged and we do take special care of them. Before trying on any of our gowns you will be asked to remove all jewelry (whoever is with you will hold it). We offer wipes to clean your hands and a disposable make-up mask to put on at your request. Your consultant will give you a long line bra and a special slip to put on privately than the consultant will open the bridal bags and put the wedding gowns on you. We go to extremes to make sure every wedding gown stays in perfect condition and you will appreciate that we took such extreme care of it when you find that amazing dress you fall in love with.

Question 16

What’s the scoop on bridesmaids at Bridal Elegance? When should I shop? Who should I bring?

What if some of my maids live far away? Almost every Bridal expert today advises future brides to pick the bridesmaids dresses WITHOUT the input of their bridal party. Why, because they feel that it’s your wedding and you have a vision of the look and feel you want for it. Every maid, no matter how good a friend will have her own agenda and for you to think that you will get a group of women to choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses that will fit your vision is an unrealistic expectation. At the Bridal Elegance Bridesmaids department our selection is immense and our buyers try to pick dresses that can have multiple uses, not just end up at the back of a closet. The majority of the bridesmaids’ inventory is samples that must be special ordered. Although we have some that are available in as little as 48 hours, the majority take up to 14 week (three and a half months) to come in. You want your girls to have them in their hands for alterations at least a month before the wedding so we recommend that bridesmaids be ordered six months before the wedding if possible. When you are looking at the bridesmaids, look at sample styles NOT colors. Every dress can come in between 20 and 50 colors so first find a style you like then ask one of the team members to show you all the colors that dress comes in. In this day and age with such a mobile society it is common for some of your maids to live far away. At Bridal Elegance we are used to this and it is not a problem AT ALL. We will just need 3 measurements and we can still fit your out of town maid.

Question 17

Should I get a sitter for kids? We strongly advise you not bring children to a bridal store?

Your wedding gown choice is one of the most important you will make for your wedding. For the rest of your married life you will be looking at pictures of yourself in that special gown. When shopping for that gown you need to be able to focus and concentrate without distractions. A bridal salon is not a fun place for kids and they will get bored very quickly and totally distract you from this important mission. A bridal salon is also NOT a safe place for children due to loose pins and other hazards. Crying babies also distract other future brides on this important day and we will ask that crying babies be taken outside. Children under 12 are not permitted in our wedding gown rack area or the Couture area. Due to safety concerns and liability CHILDREN ARE NEVER PERMITTED IN THE ALTERATIONS/SEAMSTRESS AREA.

Question 18


Yes, At Bridal Elegance Prom we do permit self-service. Every customer is assigned a personal consultant that will wait on her alone. We do accommodate walk-ins but appointments are always given preference. (With an appointment either a consultant is waiting for you or you will automatically be “next up”.) Call 719-596-5911.